Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trans woman runs for mayor in Texas

Trans woman runs for mayor in Texas

by Staff Writer,
1 March 2011, 3:36pm
Sandra Dunn, 53, said her friends encouraged her to go for the job after pastor David Grisham announced his candidacy last week.
Mr Grisham is director of Repent Amarillo, a religious, fundamentalist group. He has said that Houston should be boycotted because its mayor, Annise Parker, is a lesbian.
Ms Dunn, who previously served in the Army, is studying for a master’s degree.
She supports better sex education in schools and is against a smoking ban.
This week, she acknowledged that her trans status could overshadow her campaign.
“That was a concern when we thought about running,” she said. “We may gain national attention.”
Speaking to the Amarillo Globe-News, Mr Grisham said of his rival: “I’m not sure that’s who you want as mayor. If they’re indecisive about who they are, are they indecisive about other issues?”

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Justin Bieber: being gay is a decision and abortion is wrong

Justin Bieber: being gay is a decision and abortion is wrong

by Staff Writer,
17 February 2011, 1:34pm
It is not clear whether he intended to label homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.
Bieber’s position stands in contrast with that of Lady Gaga who last year said: “there are some people in this world that believe being gay is a choice. It’s not a choice, we’re born this way.” Her single ‘Born This Way’ has been described as the new gay anthem by Sir Elton John.
In his interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Bieber went on to say “I think you should just wait for the person you’re … in love with,” when asked about abstinence.
Despite his strong Christian background he did not argue against pre-martial sex.
“I really don’t believe in abortion,” he told the magazine “I think [an embryo] is a human. It’s like killing a baby.”
He added that while it is “really sad” for a woman to become pregnant after being raped, he claimed that “everything happens for a reason.”
“I don’t know how that would be a reason,” he added. “I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Santorum's Gay Sex Problem

Santorum's Gay Sex Problem

Antigay former U.S. senator Rick Santorum, a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, has found the use of his name in connection with anal sex is a hyperlink that’s hard to break... thanks to Dan Savage.

- (from left) Rick Santorum and Dan Savage
Antigay former U.S. senator Rick Santorum, a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, has found that the use of his name in connection with anal sex is a hyperlink that’s hard to break, Roll Call reports.
In 2003 sex-advice columnist Dan Savage was seeking to mock Santorum for his homophobic statements, such as remarks he made in an interview that year to the effect that legalization of gay sex could lead to recognition of “man on child” and “man on dog” relationships. Savage held a competition asking his readers to come up with a new definition for “Santorum,” and the winning entry referred to a by-product of anal intercourse. Now a Google search for “Santorum” will frequently turn up that meaning of the word.
Roll Call consulted technology experts, who said there was little Santorum could do to prevent Web searches from finding sites with that definition. The politician himself “sounded slightly defeated” when asked about his “Google problem” recently, the publication reported. “It’s one guy,” Santorum told Roll Call. “You know who it is. The Internet allows for this type of vulgarity to circulate. It’s unfortunate that we have someone who obviously has some issues. But he has an opportunity to speak.”
Santorum added, however, that the phenomenon is an indication of “incivility” in politics. “You want to talk about incivility,” he said. “I don’t know of anybody on the left who came to my defense for the incivility with respect to those things.”
In response to Santorum’s statements, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund spokesman Dennis Dison told Roll Call, “I think that civility in politics is a fantastic goal. ... Speaking from the LGBT community, we wish he would practice it.”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Navy: DADT Training Done by June

Navy: DADT Training Done by June

Sailors aboard the USS Truman
The Navy announced Tuesday it will finish training all of its members on the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" by June 30.

Leaders from each of the military branches submitted their training plans to the Pentagon Friday, but the Navy made its plans public,  The Washington Post reports.

Each branch is required to train their personnel in three top-down intervals: first military chaplains, lawyers, and civilian public affairs officers, then commanding officers, and finally rank and file troops. April 30 is the goal date to finish commander training, and then rank-and-file sailors should be done with their training by June 30.
Because President Barack Obama, Defense secretary Robert M. Gates, and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen must certify that all members of the members of the military have been sufficiently trained before the ban is officially lifted, the earliest that full implementation could happen would be September, said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scalia, Thomas Accused of Conflict of Interest

Scalia, Thomas Accused of Conflict of Interest

Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas X390 (AP) | ADVOCATE.COM
Two of the most conservative judges on the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia (left) and Clarence Thomas, are being accused of a conflict of interest regarding their decision in the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case.
A government watchdog group wants the Justice Department to investigate whether Scalia and Thomas acted improperly by not recusing themselves in the Citizens United case — the high court ruling allowed huge corporate payments to be directed toward political campaigns. In the wake of the decision, businesses poured money into campaigns, including Target donating money to an antigay Republican candidate in Minnesota.
The watchdog group said Scalia and Thomas attended meetings sponsored by Charles and David Koch, conservative billionaires who often donate to political causes. A Supreme Court spokeswoman said the justices attended Koch-related events but not private strategy meetings.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Schwarzenegger's Mom Thought He Was Gay

Taken From Towleroad
01/19/2011 Schwarzenegger's Mom Took Him to the Doctor Because She Thought He Was Gay
Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the Austrian newspaper Krone that he had so many posters of oiled bodybuilders on his walls as a kid that his mom took him to the family doctor because she thought he was gay. The doctor tried to calm her down by reassuring her that at least he didn't drink and smoke.
Here's  the Google translation.
And a better translation by our commenter Chris (thanks!):
"(One) of of my favorite stories from when I was young. As a young boy my room was plastered with photos of bodybuilders. Naked, oiled male bodies. That got my mother so concerned, she asked our family doctor one day to take a look at that. 'Other boys put images of women on their walls, and mine does this!' She actually believed I was gay. Well, that's nothing wrong, but for her it was unimagineable back then. However, the doctor, a wise man, calmed her down. Everyone had idols, he said, others would hang up pictures of the Beatles, even though they were men as well. "Look at it like this, Mrs. Schwarzenegger: as an athlete he surely won't start to smoke or drink!" That assured her. Her worry lines stayed though."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Judge: Cop Doesn't Have to Out Officers

Judge: Cop Doesn't Have to Out Officers

A county judge decided that a police sergeant in Roseville, Calif., will not have to out other gay and lesbian officers in a discrimination lawsuit three officers filed against the city last year.
The city of Roseville asked that Sgt. Darin DeFreece, one of the plaintiffs, release names to help it coordinate its defense. Judge Margaret Wells said disclosing such information would be in violation of those officers' right to privacy under the Fourteenth Amendment ro the U.S. Constitution, according to the Roseville Press Tribune.
"The court is hard-pressed to imagine any private information more sensitive than one’s sexual orientation." Wells wrote in her ruling Tuesday. "On the other hand, this is not a mere fishing expedition by defendants."

A trial in the case could begin in late April.